The company is following high international standards in corrosion protection, we have qualified workers and we assure you with high quality finalized products.
At our disposition there is 1.200 m2 of closed, heated, working space. We are equipped with two cranes ABUS (2 and 5 tones) cabin in which the process of preparation is held.
Collaboration with verified partners allows us to give extreme and high quality. Look at our partner list

Latest news

10. May 2018.
Partnership investment
Nearby the existing building we possess 9.000 m2 of free construction surface. We are ready to invest this surface for business purposes with potential business partners. See plan
10. April 2015.
Preparation for introduction of ISO 14001 norm
We are preparing for introduction of ISO 14001 norm. ISO 14001 norm is international norm which sets conditions for establishment, planning, management and control of the system..
13. February 2015.

What and how we do

GRACOTECH GRUPA is a company specialized in corrosion protection. We perform corrosion protection work on steel constructions for well-known companies from sector of energetics, ship-building industry and oil industry. All the procedures of performance correspond to high international norms. The companies’ machinery is located in Donja Zelina, Croatia.